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Uj3rk5 Live from the Commodore Ballroom
25+ in store $20.00
Selected Monochromatic Paintings and Wor
Neil Wedman
25+ in store $29.00
Dan Graham
Paperback | Mar 2014
25+ in store $29.95
Jeff Derksen
Kathy Slade
Paperback | Mar 2014
25+ in store $29.95
Book Bag - Read Pink Dot
4 in store $7.50
Book Bag - Allison Hrabluik
Allison Hrabluik
17 in store $15.00
Book Bag - Myfanwy Macleod
Myfanwy Macleod
not in store (unavailable)
Book Bag - Erdem Tasdelen
Erdem Tasdelen
not in store (unavailable)
Steve's Vinyl
Cathy Busby
2 in store $20.00
Elspeth Pratt
Matthew Stadler
Hardcover | Mar 2012
25+ in store $39.99

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The Libby Leshgold gallery is currently closed as we have moved to the new Emily Carr University campus at 520 E 1st Ave. The next exhibition, The Pacific will open on October 21. Please stay tuned for more information. 



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